Minimal Logo Design

Daniel - 2 months ago
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Say Hello to Gravit!

Gravit is the new kid on the block for design tools and its awesome! and best of all its 110% free to download & use. Gravit is full of features and when first opening the tool your presented with lots ready to go templates from Blog covers to mobile & more.

 for this quick tutorial we will be using the custom canvas so go ahead and create one 400px / 400px * you can change the size later if required.

First things first lets make the Background a different colour for this i'm using #FD603C just for the presentation when you have finished logo you can set BG to transparent for later use.

Next we will create our shape that will be the first part of our new logo. so go ahead and find the box icon along the top of your toolbar and draw a simple box.

once your box is drawn double clicking on the shape brings up other options below shows blue points & also orange points. The orange points allow you to reshape the edges of your shape ( border radius ) once done double click the shape again to hide the orange marker points then with shape selected change colour of box to black *(#333232) in the toolbar displayed on the right.

Next up we can re-use Shapes to begin creating a minimal logo using the above toolbar again where we got the square you can click the dropdown to select a new shape for this select the circle and draw a small circle within your black box. if you wish to make sure its equal width/height select the circle and check the size guide on the top right toolbar there you can enter new size to make sure they match. You will also find along the right hand tool bar the option to change the fill colour of circle ( like we achieved with square) but this time we want the circles fill colour transparent.

you can either turn opacity to 0 or along the top of the color Tool is several boxe's the last box is a black & white stripes which will remove the background fill.

Gravits Toolbar is split into sections on the right side APPEARANCE - FILLS - BORDERS -EFFECTS  we are going to style the border next so first set border size to 4px and the color to white.Once complete you should see the same result as below :)

Lets now draw two simple lines from one corner to another achieving this simple effect as shown note* you will need to change the thickness of line & colour using the Borders section on the right.

And thats it a very quick and simple logo for Mockups or even a personal project. This tutorial has helped understand a small fraction of what Gravit can do. 

you can download the tool from here - its also available in the browser!