Hello from Signl

Firstly happy new year and welcome to Signl. Our aim is to share tutorials for all levels whether your starting your journey or simply here...
How to Sketch Easy

Create your own Logo

When starting your own business or side project theres two things most people do think of a name and either look for a logo or buy one from...
logo Gravit Easy

Using Hero patterns to style profile cards

I love using hero patterns by Steve Schoger and you may have noticed Signl has them in several places! one being your profile card.&nbs...
Web Bootstrap 3+ Easy

Creating awesome landings in Sketch part 01

In this first part of the tutorial we are going to  to begin creating  our soon to be awesome looking Mockup for a new landing pag...
Web Sketch Medium

Creating awesome landings in Sketch part 02

In this second part of the tutorial we are going to  continue working our way down the page layout :) Hopefully you have saved you...
Web Sketch Medium

Navigate like a boss

There are several types of navigations available  and knowing how to use them is key to ensure your users don't feel lost or give up! B...
Web Other Easy

Design HQ trivia using Gravit

I first heard about this new fast growing mobile game HQ trivia on twitter so naturally i checked it out, firstly i suck so bad at trivia so...
Mobile Gravit Medium

Build a recipe app with Figma

In this tutorial we are going to use Figma Design tool to create 3 views for our recipe app! Login  view , Recipes  list view&nbsp...
Mobile Figma Medium

Npm & Material design icons

Today i decided to use Material design icons instead of Fontawesome 5 and they are so nice! you can use them across web , Android & IOS...
How to Other Easy

Resource List for Design

Here is a great list of resources for designers & developers from Design tools , Youtube videos fonts & More. I will continue to am...
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