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When starting your own business or side project theres two things most people do think of a name and either look for a logo or buy one from the millions of sites out there. However its pretty simple to do once you get the hang of using design tools because you don't need to be a Design guru to achieve awesome looking logos yourself.

Lets Begin.

For this tutorial i'm going to use Gravit as its free and awesome to use!

Once we have  launched our tool you have a vast choice of different pre-sized canvas's to pick from , as we are creating a logo we will just create a custom canvas 600 x 600 px. Next up is creating our logo for this we will create a fake name so lets go with Everest.

First off along the top navigation bar you will find several different coloured areas first off we will draw a simple circle which can be found under the shape's tab highlighted in image above. You don't have to be exact because on the right hand side of Gravit you can change the width & height to anything you wish once select shape in canvas! my circle as shown is set to 300 x 300px.

Your circle should be a light grey but we don't want this to be filled so we need to select our shape and in the right hand toolbar select Fill and in the popup window select the black/white striped icon at the top named background fill this will remove the fill so we can start the next process of only showing the circles border.

Again follow the same process as we did with Fill only this time select border in the list and set the border colour to Black for now and the border width to 8px. Now that we have our 300 x 300px circle with the thick border we can now begin creating the simple image to go in the middle to represent our new company Everest.

We are going to use 3 triangle shapes found in the same dropdown as our circle,  once you have the triangle tool draw 3 random sized small triangles inside the circle to give the impression of a mountain view.

Using the Fill tool on the right we can now change each shape's colour to make each one stand out from one another. You can also right-click on each triangle to set position to the front or back depending on how you would like them to be laid out also. 

Once were happy with the way your new mountain range looks and have it positioned nicely we can re-visit and make the colours more appealing or relevant to our brand and tidy anything. I've added our new Everest logo to this unsplash image of a snowboarder and styled the colours around the image to show how the image could work against other backgrounds.

Few Examples Below

Play around with the different tools and shapes available and you will notice how easy it is to achieve professional looking results thats cost you nothing.

So thats it quick and easy way to create your own brand logo with little effort & stress. You can use shapes to create almost anything and Gravit also allows you to modify shapes by simply double-clicking.

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